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Hyrule Warriors is getting an 8-Bit version of Link’s Sword.

September 23 + 14321


Last fellow for the Senyuu tribute; Ros~<3

No more time to draw anyone else sadly…(ToT)

I would’ve liked to add Samejima though (…who is actually my 3rd all-time favourite).

September 23 + 289


Original work* by kenandamin*.

※Permission was granted to reprint the artist’s works!

* A Weibo account is necessary to access the link/s.

September 22 + 434


if I lie here

if I just lay here

I’ll probably fall asleep so leave me alone

September 22 + 198868


In the event CWHK, I can find some okegom’s products. So so so happy today~~~~

去完CWHK,超累~ 今天找到很多灰庭周邊,開心到要死了!不過海囚忠粉似乎不多…希望找到忠粉勾搭喔…..嗚~這貼就不好轉了,免得有版權問題~

September 21 + 26


fancy Ib and Garry for puripon happy birthday get better soon ilu forever ;u;/

September 21 + 2654


I want a scarf that is actually wings, too

September 20 + 188